TAS$^3$: Identifiers and Discovery

Jan 20, 2010

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Table of Contents (monolithic)

1 Introduction
1.1 Format and Properties of IDs
1.2 Who Issues IDs
1.3 Supported Flows
2 Federation Data Model
3 ID Mapper: Issuing Specific Tokens
3.1 User Present Case
3.1.1 User Present Evidence
3.1.2 Interaction of IdP and ID Mapper
3.2 Pre-authorization by the User
3.3 User Not Present Case
3.4 User Revokes Authorization
3.5 Supporting Delegation
4 Linking Service
5 Registry Server
5.1 On-line Registration Steps
5.2 Bulk Registration
5.3 Articulation of Registration with Compliance Validation
6 Trust and Privacy Negotiation
6.1 Expressing Trust and Policy Pledges and Requirements
6.1.1 Expressing Pledges and Requirements in Discovery Phase
6.1.2 Expressing Pledges and Requirements in Call Phase