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Game is mainly played by clicking on countries. In different phases of the game, the click will mean different things
no action
place one soldier on a country and change to next player
place one soldier on a country, until no more soldiers remain, then change to attack phase
Clicking on own country selects country from which to attack.
Once attacking country has been chosen, clicking on enemy country attacks that country. If no attacking country is chosen, clicking on enely is no-op.
After successful conquest, it is necessary to distribute the troops between attacking country and the conquered country. After conquest, the player clicks on each country to distribute the surviving armies.
Clicking on own country selects soldiers to move from that country. Additional clicks select more soldiers. Once soldiers have been chosen, clicking on neighbouring own country moves the soldiers to that country. Shift-click selects all selectable soldiers.

Bot types

All bots attempt to place armies on frontiers.

All bots will attempt to attack at least once against enemy that has weakest defenses (proportion between bot's own armies and enemy's armies).

Lame This bot is designed to loose. It will uselessly distribute its armies across all its countries and will not attack under any circumstances.

Dove (Defensive) will place its armies in weakest spot to reach at least 50% of the threatening army strenght and then in round robin fashion on all borders. Will only attack once and only from position of strength.

Hawk (Cautious) will place all its armies in its strongest spot and will attack if it has superior odds, but seldom presses its advantage.

Konde (Megalomanic) will place all its armies in its strongest spot and will keep on attacking until it has unfavorable odds (or ends in dead end where it can not attack any longer).

HAL secret heuristics that try to combine the best of all bots.

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